Item #969 Lincoln in Annapolis, February 1865 (Signed). Rockford E. Toews, Edward C. Papenfuse.

Lincoln in Annapolis, February 1865 (Signed)

[Annapolis]: Maryland State Archives, 2009. First printing. Well illustrated in color and black and white. Softcover. Quarto. [ii], 46 pages. New.

The only detailed account of Abraham Lincoln's passage through Annapolis on his way to and from the Hampton Roads Conference in early February, 1865.

The extensive research for this project turned up interesting but forgotten aspects of local and national history. For example, the Maryland Legislature was debating ratification of the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery on the very morning that President Lincoln quietly walked past the State House, unbeknownst to the legislators inside. The amendment had passed Congress two days earlier on January 31st, and had been hand-delivered to the Maryland Legislature on February 1st.

Research also rediscovered both the proper location of the train depot in 1865 as well as the route of the military railroad tracks hastily laid through town by General Benjamin Butler in April of 1861, over which passed the first troops to reach and reinforce Washington in those tense early days of the war.

Well illustrated with historic photographs, documents, prints, and maps.

Item #969

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