Uptight with the Draft? Vietnam War, War Resisters League.
Uptight with the Draft?

Uptight with the Draft?

[New York]: [War Resisters League], [1967]. Brochure. 8.5" x 4". [8] pages. Near fine. Some light age toning, a few minor wrinkles.

Interesting 1967 brochure from the War Resisters League with advice for those anticipating being drafted for the Vietnam War. After very rationally discussing valid and invalid reasons for and means of evading the draft, the avenue of open confrontation with the government is discussed. Two approaches are considered: applying for conscientious objector status, or open defiance. Acknowledging the risks of such confrontation, the WRL observes:

"Life is a series of risks and confrontations, ending finally in the fact of death. Which is not a risk but a sure thing. One may evade all the hard choices, get exemptions from all the serious risks, only to wake up dead one morning and realize too late that to exist and to live are two different things. If you take no risks you will suffer no pain. You will die without having lived."

List of additional informational items that could be ordered from the WRL as well as a list of other organizational contacts at rear.

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