Item #667 Autograph Letter to Daniel Clymer, Regarding Gift of Books. John Dickinson.
Autograph Letter to Daniel Clymer, Regarding Gift of Books
Autograph Letter to Daniel Clymer, Regarding Gift of Books

Autograph Letter to Daniel Clymer, Regarding Gift of Books

Wilmington: 1787. Single sheet, folded once to approximately 7 1/2" x 9 1/4" Very good. Overall mild browning, old folds, remnants of red wax seal and some associated loss to paper from opening, though no loss of content.

Charming letter from Founding Father John Dickinson to a Daniel Clymer, then a member of the Pennsylvania State Assembly. In the letter, Dickinson acknowledges a prior gift of books from Clymer and belatedly presents a gift of his own in return.

He writes: "Dear Sir / When you were so good as to present me with Collingsworth's Works, it was my intention to acknowledge my sense of your kindness, by sending to you the best sett I had of Robertson's History of Charles the Fifth. / Tho frequently disappointed, I now have the pleasure of offering it; and tho it comes so late, I hope to derive one satisfaction even from that circumstance, as I trust it will convince you that the impressions of gratitude on my mind are permanent. / I am / Dear SIr / your sincere friend / [signed] John Dickinson"

John Dickinson rose to prominence before the American Revolution as author of "Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania" in 1767-1768. He helped prepare the first draft of the Articles of Confederation. He did not sign the Declaration of Independence because he held out hope for a reconciliation with Britain, but once war began he served in the Pennsylvania militia, rising to the rank of Brigadier General

In the months following this letter, Dickinson would serve as a Delegate from Delaware to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, and within the year become a signer of that document.

Daniel Clymer had served in the Revolutionary War as well, commanding a rifle battalion before being made Deputy Commissary-General of Prisoners in 1777, and later Commissioner of Claims of the Treasury.

Item #667


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