Holograph Letter, Signed Address Delivered Before the Graduating Class, United States Naval Academy, June 5, 1946, and Other Items Related to the Accelerated 1946 Graduation of the USNA Class of 1947

1946-1954. Loose sheets. 8 1/2" x 11" and smaller. 8 individual items. Very good to fine condition. One program has a small dark stain, other pieces have scattered edge wear.

This group of items originated with the impact Nimitz's 1946 speech had on one member of the USNA class of 1947. That graduate obtained a copy of the speech, and years later wrote to Nimitz and requested that the Admiral sign said speech. So this group includes:

The original letter from the United States Naval Academy transmitting the requested copy of Admiral Nimitz's 1946 speech to this class member.

An original invitation, with envelope, to the 1946 Farewell Ball given to honor the USNA class of 1947.

Two copies of the original program of the 1946 USNA graduation exercises.

Copies of two letters sent to Admiral Nimitz in 1954 by this USNA graduate regarding his request that Nimitz sign the 1946 speech.

A holograph letter of just over a page from Admiral Nimitz on his letterhead, including the original mailing envelope addressed in Nimitz's hand. Herein he agrees to sign and return the speech and directing that it be sent with a stamped return envelope to him in care of his son-in-law in Norfolk, Virginia.

Finally, the inscribed and signed copy of Admiral Nimitz's 1946 speech.

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